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Editor-in-Chief (JMISST)
Hyeun Sung Kim
Department of Neurosurgery, Harrison Spinartus Hospital Chungdam, Korea       
Editor-in-Chief (JMISST-Video)
Yong Ahn
Department of Neurosurgery, Gachon University, Korea       
Jong Tae KimDepartment of Neurosurgery, The Catholic University of Korea, Korea
Sang Gu LeeDepartment of Neurosurgery, Naeun Hospital, Korea
Associate Editor (JMISST)
Pil Sun Choi
Department of Orthopaedics, Centro Medico Pacaembú and Hospital Sirio Libanes, Brazil       
Ricardo Casal Grau
Department of Orthopaedics, Grupo Quirúrgico Casal Dots, Spain       
Dong Hwa Heo
Department of Neurosurgery, Harrison Spinartus Hospital Chungdam, Korea       
Toh Charng Jeng
Department of Orthopaedics, Universiti Kebangsaaan Malaysia, Malaysia       
Chang Il Ju
Department of Neurosurgery, Chosun University, Korea       
Facundo Van Isseldyk
Department of Neurosurgery, Hospital Privado de Rosario, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina       
Arvind Kulkarni
Department of Orthopaedics, Bombay Hospital, India       
Keng Chang Liu
Department of Orthopaedics, Buddhist Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital, Taiwan       
Jwo-Luen Pao
Department of Orthopaedics, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital, Taiwan       
Associate Editor (JMISST-Video)
Kyung-Chul Choi
Department of Neurosurgery, Seoul Top Spine Hospital, Korea       
Jeong-Yoon Park
Department of Neurosurgery, Yonsei University, Korea       
Junior Editor
Ji Yeon Kim
Department of Neurosurgery, Seran General Hospital, Korea       
Pang Hung Wu
Department of Orthopaedics, Achieve Spine And Orthopaedic Centre, Singapore       
Assistant Editor
Il ChoiDepartment of Neurosurgery, Halym University, Korea
Jung Woo Hur
Department of Neurosurgery, Catholic University, Korea       
Pius Kim
Department of Neurosurgery, Chosun University, Korea       
Man Kyu Park
Department of Neurosurgery, Good Gang-An Hospital, Korea       
Managing Editor
Jun Seok Hur
Department of Neurosurgery, Korea University, Korea       
Suk-Hyung Kang
Department of Neurosurgery, Halym University, Korea       
Subum Lee
Department of Neurosurgery, Korea University, Korea       
Byapak Paudel
Department of Orthopaedics, Grande International Hospital, Nepal       
Javier Quillo Olvera
Department of Neurosurgery, Hospital H+ Querétaro Neurocirujano, Mexico       
Seong Son
Department of Neurosurgery, Gachon University, Korea       
Advisory Board Members
Akira DezawaDepartment of Orthopaedics, Dezawa Akira PED Center, Japan
Satishchandra GoreDepartment of Orthopaedics, Walawalkar Medical College, India
Daniel H. KimDepartment of Neurosurgery, The University of Texas, USA
Se Hoon KimDepartment of Neurosurgery, Korea University, Korea
Michael MayerDepartment of Neurosurgery, Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg, Germany
Said OsmanDepartment of Orthopaedics, Advanced Spine Endoscopy & Pain Institute, USA
Sebastian RuettenDepartment of Orthopaedics, Anna Hospital, Herne, Germany
Salman SharifDepartment of Neurosurgery, Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Pakistan
Jeffery WangDepartment of Orthopaedic Surgery and Department of Neurosurgery, University of Southern California, USA
Editorial Board
Nitin AdsulDepartment of Orthopaedics, Leeds General Infirmary, India
Jose Francisco Lizon AguilarDepartment of Orthopaedics, Specialista en Cirugía Endoscópica de Columna, Spain
Miguel Angel Castrillo AmoresDepartment of Orthopaedics, Hospital Beata Maria Ana, Spain
Hayati AygünDepartment of Orthopaedics, Medicabil Hospital International, Turkey
Jun Seok BaeDepartment of Neurosurgery, Wooridul Hospital, Korea
Julio BassaniDepartment of Orthopaedics, Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Dirk BrücherDepartment of Orthopaedics, Städtisches Klinikum Karlsruhe, Germany
Chien Chun ChangDepartment of Orthopaedics, Minimally Invasive Spine and Joint Center, Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital, Taiwan
Ting-Kuo ChangDepartment of Orthopaedics, MacKay Memorial Hospital, Taiwan
Chien-Min ChenDepartment of Neurosurgery, Changhua Christian Hospital, Taiwan
Cheng-Di ChiuDepartment of Neurosurgery, China Medical University Hospital, Taiwan
Alexandre Fogaça CristanteDepartment of Orthopaedics, University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil
David Del CurtoDepartment of Orthopaedics, Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil
Je Hoon JeongDepartment of Neurosurgery, Soonchonhyang Unviersity, Korea
Ju Ho JeongDepartment of Neurosurgery, Dongguk Univeristy, Korea
Amit JhalaDepartment of Spine Surgery, HCG Multispecialty Hospital, India
Ariel KaenDepartment of Neurosurgery, Hospital Virgen Del Rocío, Spain
Jin Sung KimDepartment of Neurosurgery, Catholic University, Korea
Ajay KrishnanDepartment of Spine Surgery, Stavya Spine Hospital & Research Institute, India
Guntram KrzokDepartment of Orthopaedics, Medizinische Akademie Carl Gustav Carus Dresden, Germany
Sang Hun LeeDepartment of Orthopaedics, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Sun Ho LeeDepartment of Neurosurgery, Samsung Medical Center, Korea
Kang Taek LimDepartment of Neurosurgery, AIN Hospital, Korea
Heng-Wei LiuDepartment of Neurosurgery, Taipei Medical University- Shuang Ho Hospital, Taiwan
Pramod LokhandeDepartment of Orthopaedics, Jupiter Hospitals Pune, India
Rafael Periáñez MorenoDepartment of Orthopaedics, Hospital Vithas Sevilla, Spain
Yukoh OharaDepartment of Neurosurgery, Juntendo University, Japan
Elsa González PérezDepartment of Neurosurgery, Hospital Juaneda Miramar, Palma/Clinica del Rosario, Ibiza, Spain
Suthipas PongmaneeDepartment of Orthopaedics, Chiang Mai University, Thailand
Harshavardhan RaoraneDepartment of Orthopaedics, Kolhapur Institute of Orthopaedics and Trauma, India
Koichi SairyoDepartment of Orthopaedics, Tokushima University, Japan
Lisandro Rodriguez SattlerDepartment of Orthopaedics, Asociación Española Primera de Socorros Mutuos, Uruguay
Michael SchubertDepartment of Orthopaedics, Apex Spine, Munich, Germany
Marcus SerraDepartment of Neurosurgery, Santista Institute of Neurosurgery and Spine, Brazil
Ravindra SinghDepartment of Orthopaedics, Fortis Escorts, India
Umesh SrikanthaDepartment of Neurosurgery, Aster CMI Hospital, India
Pornpavit SriphiromDepartment of Orthopaedics, Rajavithi Hospital, Thailand
Albert Akramovich SufianovDepartment of Neurosurgery, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Russia
Cristian Correa ValenciaDepartment of Orthopaedics, Hospital Hernán Henríquez Aravena, University of La Frontera, Chile
Ralf WagnerDepartment of Orthopaedics, Ligamenta Spine Center, Frankfurt, Germany
Meng-Huang WuDepartment of Orthopaedics, Taipei Medical University Hospital, Taiwan
Hung Huang YiDepartment of Orthopaedics, Chia-Yi Christian Hospital, Taiwan
Hai YongDepartment of Orthopaedics, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Capital Medical University, China
Aftab YounusDepartment of Orthopaedics, Helen Joseph Hospital, South Africa
Xifeng ZhangDepartment of Orthopaedics, Beijing Wangjing Hospital, Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China
Yue ZhouDepartment of Orthopaedics, Xinqiao Hospital, Third Military Medical University, China
Ethics Editor
Chi Heon KimDepartment of Neurosurgery, Seoul National University, Korea
Statistical Editor
Jae Ouk AhnDepartment of Medical Informatics, Soonchonhyang Univerity, Korea
Chang Hyun LeeDepartment of Orthopaedics, Seoul National University, Korea
English Editor
Andrew DombrowskiCompecs, Inc., Korea
Manuscript Editor
Hwan Tae AhnJTS, Korea
Layout Editor
In A ParkM2PI, Korea
Website and JATS XML File Producers
Hyun Kyung LeeM2PI, Korea

Role of Editors and Editorial Board Members

The Editor-in-Chief (EIC) listens to the opinions of reviewers and editors, but has the final responsibility for independently publishing the paper in the journal after review. The EIC is the final decision-maker on publishing and editorial policy and presides over editorial board meetings. When issues related to publication ethics arise, the EIC presides over extraordinary meetings to resolve each issue and ultimately decide the journal's position. The editorial committee members are recommended to the president of the Korean Minimally Invasive Spine Society(KOMISS). He attends the society's executive board meetings and explains the journal's status and budget.

The Ex-Editor-in-Chief is the former editor-in-chief of JMISST and assists the EIC by advising JMISST's policy direction.

Deputy Editor
The deputy editors are comprised of the presidents of each society at the time of joining, and support the EIC in the practical aspects of editing and publishing each issue of JMISST. For each article, an associate editor revises and adjusts the content in line with JMISST's direction.

Associate Editor
The role of the Associate Editor is to support the EIC with the practical aspects of editing and publishing each issue of JMISST. For each article, an associate editor revises and adjusts the content in line with JMISST's direction.

Assistant Editor
Assistant Editors support the EIC by reviewing submitted manuscripts to ensure they meet the journal's purpose and scope, are described according to the journal's style and format, and use similarity checking (iThenticate) to check for plagiarism. They also participate in selecting reviewers for each manuscript. The Associate Editor meets regularly with the EIC to discuss the results of the review and decide whether to accept the manuscript.

Managing Editor
The managing editor checks the style and format of all manuscripts according to the journal's guidelines.

Layout Editor
The layout editor generates PDF files according to the journal format.

Advisory Board Members
Advisory Board members are made up of world-class experts in minimally invasive spine surgery, which is an issue of this journal, and help EIC pursue its academic path by evaluating the policy direction and academic significance of the paper.

Role of Editorial Board Members
Editorial board members meet regularly to discuss editorial policy and suggest changes for improvement. They frequently participate in manuscript reviews and may recommend new reviewers. They may write editorials, publish manuscripts, and present viewpoints. They can ask their colleagues to submit manuscripts to journals and recommend potential authors of commissioned papers. The Editorial Board advises the EIC on promoting the journal and writing issue and viewpoint manuscripts. They invite submissions from outside Korea. Journal editing experience is shared with the editorial board.

Ethics Editor
The Ethics Editor provides consultation and resolution of publication ethics issues at the request of the EIC. Ethics editors also provide lectures on research and publication ethics issues to reviewers and editorial board members as part of regular journal-sponsored training sessions.

Statistical Editor
Statistical editors thoroughly review the appropriateness and logical interpretation of statistical data used in manuscripts. If any defects are found, they are reported to the EIC or editor and shared with the author for improvement.

English Editor
The English editor proofreads the abstract and English summary of all manuscripts and the entire manuscript for English manuscripts. Suggestions for better flow and logical thinking processes are provided.

Website and JATS XML File Producer
Based on the journal's DTD, the JATS XML file is created and its contents are uploaded to the journal's homepage.

Publishing Credentials

Journal Manager
Chang Il Ju, Chosun University, Korea

Professor Chang-il Joo served as president of the Korean Society of Endoscopic Spine Surgery (KOSESS) (2024) and editor of JMISST (2018-2022), and has been serving as Associate Editor since 2022.

Manager of the Review Process
Jun Seok Hur, Korea University, Korea

Professor Hur is a professor of neurosurgery at Korea University and a neurosurgeon at Korea University Anam Hospital. He also serves as an Assistant Editor for neurospine, and his extensive experience with publications and peer review processes has helped JMISST select appropriate reviewers based on its goals and scope.

Ethics Editor
Chi Heon Kim, Seoul University, Korea

Professor Chi Heon Kim is a professor of neurosurgery at Seoul National University. At Seoul National University College of Medicine, he is actively engaged in academic activities in renowned medical journals. His views on research and publication ethics are so important that he serves as ethics editor for the Journal of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Technique.

Statistics Editor
Chang Hyun Lee, Seoul University, Korea

Professor Chang Hyun Lee is a professor of neurosurgery at Seoul National University. He has extensive knowledge of medical statistics and has provided medical statistics advice to various medical journals and researchers. He has also conducted many systematic reviews and meta-analyses and published many papers related to research methodology and statistics.

Manuscript Editor
Hwan Tae Ahn, Journal Total Solution (JTS), Korea

Mr. Ahn has worked as a manuscript editor since 2010. He is the representative editor of Journal Total Solution (JTS). JTS is a preeminent manuscript editing company in Korea. He holds the Korea Manuscript Editor Certification and has completed the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) Essential Skills Certificate program. He works for 11 journals, including the following SCIE and ESCI journals: Neurospine, International Neurourology Journal, Annals of Pediatric Endocrinology and Metabolism, and Clinical and Experimental Pediatrics.

English Editor
Andrew Dombrowski, Compecs, Korea

Dr. Dombrowski received a joint Ph.D. in 2013 from the University of Chicago in Linguistics and Slavic Languages/Literature. Subsequently, he completed a post-baccalaureate health professions program at UC Berkeley Extension and has worked as a professional biomedical editor since 2015, during which time he has edited over 3,500 articles from diverse fields within medicine, ranging from public health and policy to surgical specialties and basic research. He works for 16 journals, including the following 12 PubMed Central journals: Archives of Plastic Surgery; Clinical and Experimental Reproductive Medicine; Endocrinology and Metabolism; Epidemiology and Health; International Neurourology Journal; Imaging Science in Dentistry; Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Professionals; Journal of Periodontal and Implant Science; Journal of Preventive Medicine and Public Health; The Korean Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery; Neurospine; and Ultrasonography.

Layout Editor
In A Park, M2PI, Korea

In A Park is one of the best layout editors, proficient in producing high-quality PDF files. She has been working for M2PI, a renowned company in JATS XML production and journal website management, since 2020. At M2PI, she actively works for numerous PubMed Central journals.

Website and JATS XML File Producers
Hyun Kyung Lee, M2PI, Korea

Hyun Kyung Lee manages full-text JATS XML production and journal homepage for more than 190 scholarly journals, including the following 61 PubMed Central journals.

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